Curtis Made My Day

The following email came to us evoo market this week after a customer from Texas used some of our evoo and balsamic at a business dinner at his house. I had to share this, because it just made my day!

 I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the wonderful olive oils and Balsamic vinegar fusions we picked up from your store last month. They have been a remarkable treat for us as we add them to salads and pasta dishes and dipping concoctions.

A little more than a week ago, Suzanne and I had about 12 people in our home for a business dinner. We set out cheeses, tapenades, stuffed olives, breads, crackers and dips. We set out the aged white and balsamic vinegars along with a peach fusion vinegar. They were the hit of the party. No one would leave the kitchen. The entire party stayed in there for more than an hour. We had people taking pictures of the bottle with cell phones so they could find you online. We were able to describe your shop, our pleasant conversation with you and how you would gladly ship product. From the reactions we had that evening, I would suspect you will hear from several of our guests in the near future.

Thank you for being so personable and friendly when we visited your shop. While we enjoyed the new tastes and the new possibilities with food, we enjoyed the conversation even more. You’ve opened our eyes to a new facet of Mediterranean cooking, one that includes great oils and vinegars to compliment every meal.

Our thanks again!


Curtis Cain


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    […] Curtis Made My Day. […]

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