Chef Norman Van Aken of Tuyo Restaurant loves our Hibiscus Balsamic Vinegar

This week one of Chef Norman Van Aken‘s students, Michael Galadza, at the Miami Culinary Institute at Miami-Dade College, happened to be driving by and found evoo market. He wandered down each aisle trying out our olive oils and balsamic vinegars like a kid in a candy store, uttering “wows” and “oohs and aaahhs.” After buying a bottle of Chocolate Balsamic for the strawberries he had in his fridge at home, he told me his Chef at Tuyo and the head guy at his culinary school would love my stuff.  Two hours later he called and asked me to bring “everything in your store” for a tasting at the Culinary Institute. The next day I sat down with Chef Jeffrey Brana, while Chef Aken kept an eye on us from his computer station, and we tasted a few of my wares.

By that evening, Chef Aken and Chef Brana had incorporated the Hibiscus Balsamic into a shrimp dish for his tasting menu. And, he loved the Organic California EVOO for its buttery flavor and our Bolivian Pink Rose salt from the Andes mountains which he found mild and very interesting. To top it off, he recommended our new line of Organic Goat’s Milk Cajeta, a Mexican-style caramel made by my friends Steve and Judith at Fat Toad Farm in Brookfield, Vermont.  I am looking forward to seeing how the Cajeta get’s worked into the dessert menu.

If you want to tantalize your taste buds, head on down to Tuyo and have a great evening. Chef Aken is the patron saint of fusion cooking and Anthony Bourdain calls him the “Big Dog of Florida Chefs.”